LG LEGO mobile phone how do you want to play

Recently, LG LG Friends hand in hand G5 East headquarters in Beijing theme “surprising wit wins” product launches, bringing the LG 2016 flagship phones finally lift the veil of mystery to Chinese consumers. LG, the LG G5 new conference location East headquarters in Beijing, and East Beijing as its exclusive pre-sale and sales channels, shows the determination of the two sides work more closely.

LG LEGO mobile phone how do you want to play?

China City area to 4888 Yuan price opened pre-sale mode, starting of gift package in the, not only contains LG original battery set, and phone shell, and posted film, and arm with, basic of accessories, more match has LG Cam Plus Photo Elf and and top audio-visual brand cooperation of H3 by B&OPLAY high quality headphones, package equipment value over 2000 Yuan, and its brings of rich entertainment, more can’t help but let many consumers looks forward to was. In addition to gifts in kind, but also has broken screen for the new machine, white interest-free, trade-in, speed and other guests with value-added services, more information can be found at LGG5.JD.COM to understand. LG released the new G5, configuration of 820 mycophenolate mofetil Dragon processor, 32GB ROM 4GB RAM and supports extensions. The most surprising is that this Smartphone innovative multifunctional modular programme, either in performance or appearance is unique, can be said to be 2016, one of the most charismatic and powerful models, is the pinnacle of LG in the g series.

LG LEGO mobile phone how do you want to play?

Innovative multifunctional modular programmes

LG G5 is called “change the Israeli-Palestinian” mobile phone, combined with the popular “modular” concept, is a very different type of Smartphone. LG senior designer Lee Jung-hoon said of the G5 is designed to time: “we want to make mobile phones more fun, make mobile phone hardware itself is more useful, rather than only relying on software and applications. “LG G5 is designed as a Chin can be removed and replaced by other panels or other smartphone accessories, plug the battery solved the problem of smartphones now could not replace the battery also connected LG Friends rich expansion device, the LG is more than just a simple communication device and become a product with a unique ecosystem. In this exciting and colorful in the Toolbox, you can find including LG picture elves, LG panorama panoramic VR, LG second ball, LG, LG smart machine HI-FI elves, LG neck-mounted Bluetooth mobile phone (HBS-1100), and H3 by B&O 7, Play LG Friends module. These tailor-made module for LG G5 mobile phone design can maximize the functionality of the phone extensions, making LG G5 a combination of multiple multimedia functions, possibilities for more interaction between.

LG LEGO mobile phone how do you want to play?

All-metal designs to create beautiful appearance

Exterior design highlight of LG G5. First of all, the G5 is LG’s first all-metal build of the Smartphone. Worth mentioning is that this design was not imitating competitors, but the modular design concept of taking into account LG G5 need to disconnect the battery and leave extra space for other hardware, mobile phone production undoubtedly needs more strong, more rigid, more thin material. Other than all-metal fuselage, this phone LG G5 designs taking into account to the greatest degree of consumer experience. For example, to make phones more icing on the cake and have a better grasp, curve and continues the LG phone to phone using a 5.3-inch IPS screen at a resolution of 2560*1440 level of 2K. Also joined a Always-on standby the screen display, do not need to wake up the screen to watch at any time, date, and other commonly used information, convenient and energy efficient. For consumers to avoid the embarrassment of light mobile screen viewing time on several occasions.

LG LEGO mobile phone how do you want to play?

135 ° wide angle camera angle broad

Due to the portability of mobile phones, more and more people prefer to use the phone anytime, anywhere shooting beauty, food to record their lives. LG cell phone has two keys, one of which is of great effect, and the other is excellent picture performance. LG G5 no doubt inherited the two points. LG G5 V10 adopts front double camera moves to the back and strengthen the specification LG G5 has 16 million pixels and 8 million pixel wide angle of 135 ° dual rear camera. Perceptible to the human eye from the 120-124 degrees, LG G5 was able to achieve the ultimate wide angle lens 135-degree ultra wide angle coverage, this camera allows you to capture scenes of their subjects when superior, meet the aspirations of all cell phone use can also shoot out large. Not only that, in an era of universal camera, LG G5 equipped with automatic face recognition cameras, 1 seconds rest easy self-portraits.

LG LEGO mobile phone how do you want to play?

LG Friends

LG CAM Plus (LG picture Elves): LG CAM Plus is a camera module, battery can be used to install, can bring a digital camera-like grip and ease of operation function. LG CAM Plus has launched camera shortcut button, switch video function keys, adjust focus wheel, as well as two-stage camera key. When you installed on the LG G5, the module provides additional 1140mAh battery capacity, in order to achieve a longer shot.

LG LEGO mobile phone how do you want to play?

LG HiFi Plus with B&O Play (LG HiFi Elves): this plugin is LG developed jointly with the leading brand’s top audio-visual B&O portable HiFi DAC player. In addition to LG V10 points on 32-bit Hi-Fi DAC sampling technology, LG Hi-Fi Plus actually supports 32-bit HD audio playback. It is used as a module for LG G5, or as a separate Hi-Fi digital to analog converter to connect to other smart phones or PCs. Another tie-in LG Friends called H3 headset use by B&O Play, easy to bring high quality Hi-Fi enjoy, make LG G5 to play a sound more powerful, transparent, and is very amazing and delicate tones, is designed to meet the users ‘ needs of Hi-Fi experience is sought.

LG LEGO mobile phone how do you want to play?

LG panorama VR (LG 360 VR): this is a VR glasses, you can connect the dedicated cable to LG G5, it features a folding design. LG 360 VR does not need to insert the smart phone to the device, which weighs 113 grams (excluding blackout kits), light and portable. Screens up to 639ppi, compared with the similar products, definition 20%. The device is compatible with LG 360 CAM to shoot 360 degree images, and video. Panoramic VR by LG, may experience similar to 2 meters away 130-inch TVs shock effect, like your private theatre.

LG LEGO mobile phone how do you want to play?

LG Tone Platinum neck Bluetooth headset HBS-1100:LG Tone Platinum with technical support from the Harman Caton, it has an excellent audio performance and balanced armature design to maximize output lossless sound quality, very suitable for music enthusiasts and professionals. Using metal plastic and sleek design, fashion sense, and ergonomic design ensures long wear comfort. Meanwhile, it also comes with dual noise-microphone, HD audio decoding and supports the aptX. Due to the delay of lower audio even over Bluetooth transmission there will be no drop in quality.

LG Rolling Bot (LG machine Dome): LG Rolling Bot is equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and infrared connectivity, you can use the mobile APP to control it, and has a microphone, speakers, and 8 million pixel camera, and laser pointer. LG Rolling Bot LG App on the G5 accessible, in addition to remote control Rolling Bot routes, to carry out a full range of remote monitoring, can be used as remote controls for home monitoring system, compatible with home appliances in addition to more pet mode, as when you’re on the go, you can use it to accompany your pet, your pet is no longer alone. Street snaps summer cropped pants with the law

LG panorama seconds: this is a 360-degree wide-angle cameras, equipped with 2 13 million pixels, 200-degree wide angle lens. Built-in battery 1140mAh and 4GB (available from the micro SD card to expand storage capacity). LG 360 CAM can connect to LG G5 2K video shoot. Users can also use the LG 360 VR or other support 360-degree content of smart phones or devices for viewing on video or pictures taken.

Mobile smart smart cell phone battery panoramic photo screen saver


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